Give Me So Much More 'Strike Force Five'

Is it possible for the strike to end, the writers get everything they deserve, AND we get to keep this gem of a podcast?

Give Me So Much More 'Strike Force Five'

I already wrote about the first episode of this new podcast, but after listening to a slightly more polished second episode, I never want it to go away. Yes, yes, I realize that it's entire existence is the result of something truly destabilizing and bad for the writers and staffs of their shows, but I just love it so much.

A Second Episode About First Episodes - Strike Force Five
What’s the second episode of “Strike Force Five” all about? You guessed it! First episodes. A very special thanks to Jon Hamm for lending his sultry voice for the introduction. Have a question you’d like answered by Jimmy, Jimmy, Stephen, Seth & John? Write us here – A…

This second episode is, fittingly, about first episodes—the guests, the behind-the-scenes stories, the uncertainties.

I've always said that my dream job is to be a talk show host. Not because I have any aptitude for it or the first semblance of a screen presence, but because I just love chatting with interesting people. The idea of getting paid to do it is the dream.

The podcast is everything that makes a talk-show host charming but raised to the fifth power. They have a genuine friendship and fondness for each other, and the stories they could tell would fill dozens of books or hundreds of hours worth of podcasts.

I sincerely hope for a positive resolution to the strikes, but I am going to miss this show when it goes away.