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Review: Good Together, Lake Street Dive 1 min read

Review: Good Together, Lake Street Dive

By Cary Littlejohn

This band quite simply does not miss.

Their latest, Good Together was released on June 21, and it’s quick and supremely enjoyable listen. The grooves are impeccable, and it’s a nice treat to both hear Rachel Price’s vocals soar as fully as ever but also to hear her cede some verses over. It’s not unheard of for her to sit a verse out, but it’s a definitely a different sound, and this album makes great use of it. Feels fresh and exciting but not unfamiliar.

I heard a few of these songs when I saw them live last year in Kansas City, but it’s nice to hear them in context of the rest of the album.

Early Favorites

Dance With a Stranger; Help Is On the Way; Seats At the Bar; Twenty-Five