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Semesters Aren't Just For College Students 1 min read

Semesters Aren't Just For College Students

A simple yet ingenious way to set better goals.

By Cary Littlejohn

What if we used semester-based stretches of time to organize our lives as working adults, to take the built-in finite time period to master new skills or progress toward goals?

Why you should divide your life into semesters, even when you’re not in school
The academic calendar can help you with goal-setting, time management, and motivation.

I really love this approach to goal-setting. Not just because classes at the University of Missouri started back yesterday (my side gigs put me in close proximity with the students and their rhythms of life), but also because it's a good reminder just how much of the year has passed since January 1 and thus a perfect time to check in on goals and resolutions.