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Scottie Pippen sippin’ bourbon, dropping truth bombs

A new interview with Scottie Pippen in GQ shows the basketball great in a new light. He’s got a new bourbon and a memoir coming out soon, and when he sat down to talk with the magazine, he didn’t hold back on all sorts of topics.

Interesting you mentioned Charles Barkley, because he once said that he would “get arrested for murder” if you didn’t apologize to him for calling him “fat” after your breakup with the Rockets.

I wish he woulda went through with it. I never apologized to him, but I’ll tell you what: He only got arrested for throwing some little white guys out of a window. I ain’t never seen him fight a Black man unless there were referees around. He plays his role like he’s tough. I don’t know nobody he done whooped. Go back and check his record. Did I apologize to him? I told him to get me the hell out of there. That’s what I recall.

That’s just one example. He has thoughts on Michael Jordan, his career with the Bulls, Phil Jackson, and lots of observations of current coaches and players. Well-worth a read.