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A New TV Was Worth The Wait 1 min read

A New TV Was Worth The Wait

By Cary Littlejohn

It finally happened.

A brand new LG G2 OLED TV, all 77 inches of her, had been sitting in a (very big) box in my hallway, taunting me as I had to turn sideways to squeeze past her.

Because LG would prefer that I mount this TV on a wall, they took a stance somewhat different from most TVs you get: There was no stand for the TV in the box. Just a wall mount.

The stand has been on its way to me from locations unknown, and it finally arrived yesterday.

After an assembly process that felt like a battle of wits and an effort to get married parts onto my existing entertainment center that felt worthy of a Crossfit gym, we were ready to go.

I decided to keep it classy for the maiden voyage: Citizen Kane in 4K UHD from the Criterion Collection. Physical media!

In case you're wondering: The picture and sound is amazing, and I won't be leaving home for the foreseeable future.