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Coolest Job in the World 1 min read

Coolest Job in the World

Although no one, not a single solitary soul, asked, here's my take: I'd be willing to do it. Probably for cheaper than those on the short list.

By Cary Littlejohn

I remember watching Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb and thinking, among other things, that EIC of The New Yorker seemed like the coolest gig in the world.

This piece from Semafor's Max Tani on who might succeed David Remnick in that role confirmed it.

Who wouldn't love working in a job describe like this?

The hiring challenge comes in part because of the long list of qualifications leadership, staff, and readers expect from the magazine’s top editor — and in part because of the magazine’s singular role in American liberal intellectual culture, one that is currently being challenged most strenuously by The Atlantic.
In addition to serving as its head of state, the next editor will need to be an intellectual force who can synthesize both the week’s events and literature, arts, and culture. They’ll have to possess an astute editorial mind that can provide a last line of defense on some of the most famously dense and detailed (and occasionally dangerous) journalism now published in a weekly magazine.
The New Yorker’s succession race is kicking off | Semafor
David Remnick, 65, embodies a brand that sits atop American intellectual culture. Who will replace him when he retires?

I'm invested in the decision not just as a journalism nerd but quite literally. The New Yorker is one of the most expensive yearly subscriptions I have. Full stop. No qualifiers needed. I have only ever subscribed during the David Remnick Era, so I have high hopes for his successor.